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You bring the job to us, or we come to you - either way, our expert crew can take care of all your welding needs with just one visit! Set up an appointment with us today!

Powder coating

Powder coating, aluminum, steel, stainless steel a high-quality powder coat is an investment in protection. We have coats available in a wide range of colors!

it away!

Are you looking for the best way to remove rust or paint? Sandblasting puts the power of erosion in your hands - it's safe, effective, and fast!


When you need parts custom fabricated, you have one clear choice: Custom Powder Coating.

Our shop can build, cut, and weld anything to your exact specifications.

Why paint when you can powder coat?

What we have to offer:

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In the welding industry since 1987

Whether you are looking for arc welding, MIG welding, or TIG welding, our certified welders can handle any job. Just let us know what your specifications are for the weld and we'll get it done quickly and completely! You can rest assured that your metal or alloys are permanently fixed together with a powerful and strong bond that can stand up to intense pressure!

High quality, clean welds every time

• In-house welding
• Portable welding
• Steel and cast
• Custom fabrication
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steel

Weld, cut, and fabricate

Most people think of metal and alloys as static and unchangeable - you have what you have. However, with a skilled machine shop like Custom Powder Coating on your side, you can weld, cut, and even fabricate tools and parts of unmatched strength to meet your needs. You'll never be stuck working around a manufacturer's limited supply chain again - we'll just make it for you!

Get the most out of your welds! Work with our welding experts to find the best method for your situation.

Our welds are guaranteed!

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Extend the life of your radiator with repairs

From agricultural to ATV to your car, our crews can handle any sized job. So whether your radiator is leaking or just not performing up to your standards, bring in the experts - Custom Powder Coating! You can count on us to get the repairs done on time and under budget - it's a guarantee!

Radiator service:

• Radiator repair
• Oil cooler repair
• Radiator flush
• Agricultural radiators
• Auto radiators

New radiators are just a call away!

Are you ready for a new radiator? The first step is to find the manufacturer and model that meets your needs. We'll be happy to help you browse through a wide range of radiators, and our experts are always ready to talk about the pros and cons of each one.

Are you prepared to turn up the heat? A new radiator can be an energy efficient way to control the heat for your car, tractor, or ATV.

Let us install the right radiator for you!

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With an 8' by 20' oven, we can coat anything

Durable, flexible, and protective, powder coating is the perfect way to keep your tools and vehicles safe from impacts, corrosion, and abrasion. You won't have to worry about rust or acidic erosion wearing down your metals anymore, because they can be protected with just one coat! Speak to our powder coating experts to find out more about the benefits of coating.

High quality coatings in a wide range of colors:

• Automobile coating
• Truck coating
• Motorcycle coating
• Any type of Rim coating
• Deck furniture coating

Our large oven dries any powder coating fast!

Your new powder coat provides another layer of protection for the vehicles and tools you use the most. It's a great way to extend the structural life of any aluminum, steel, or stainless steel material. If you can paint it, then we can powder coat it! Give us a call today and set up your appointment for coating - you'll be amazed at how fast we can coat anything!

Keep the original look and feel! With unlimited colors, glosses, and textures, your new powder coat will mimic the original surface down to the touch!

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Rely on the strength and power of steel

Whether you are just looking for a sheet of steel as a backdrop for a project or you need rebar and beams for a construction job, we have all the steel you are looking for. Stronger and more versatile than iron, our steel comes in multiple grades and carbon contents. Just speak to our steel experts about your specifications, and we'll find the perfect steel for you.

From rebar to sheets, all the steel you need:

• Hot rolled steel
• Cold rolled steel
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Sheets
• Beams

Don't forget about the coating!

You can extend the life of your new steel by taking advantage of our powder coating services. By giving each piece an extra layer of protection, you are protecting your new steel from corrosion, rusting, and abrasions. With our 8' by 20' oven, we can powder large amounts of steel at a time. Our crews are always ready to talk about the benefits of powder coating - give us a call to find out more!

This steel's a steal!
Distributing directly from the manufacturers, we keep the cost of steel down and pass the savings on to you!

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Sandblasting is fast and safe

From taking off a stubborn layer of paint to clearing away corrosive rust, there's no better way to clean a surface than sandblasting. Using the power of erosion, our sandblasting experts can strip a surface bare, with minimal to no damage, in mere seconds. We use the smallest and finest grains possible for a truly deep clean that makes sure you lose as little material as possible.

Put wind and sand to work for you:

• Surface cleaning
• Paint stripping
• Rust removal
• Coat removal
• Smoothing services
• Etching services

Put on a fresh powder coat!

Now that you have your surface thoroughly cleaned, you don't have to settle for store-bought paint. With our 8' by 20' oven and powder coating experts, we can cover the sandblasted surface with a protective coat. Moreover, with our color and texture-matching technologies, it will look as natural as the original paint!

It solves a variety of problems: from scale caused by laser cutting and welding to rust and weather-related corrosion, sandblasting clears away the debris is a safe manner.

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When the big box stores let you down, give us a call!

With most shelves stocked with inferior parts pr parts that don't meet your specifications, it sometimes feels like large distributors are selling to the lowest common denominator. At Custom Powder Coating, you can count on our fabrication experts and fully equipped machine shop to fabricate any piece or part to your exact specifications - when we say "custom made," we mean "custom made!"

Put wind and sand to work for you:

• Surface cleaning
• Paint stripping
• Rust removal
• Coat removal
• Smoothing services
• Etching services

Protect your fresh-made parts with powder coating!

If you are going to have a custom part fabricated instead of just working with materials from the big box stores, then you'll surely want to get the most out of it. A simple powder coat can add an extra layer of protection to your new part. Moreover, with our 8' by 20' oven, we can handle large volume coating orders! No matter how much you have us fabricate, we can coat it all!

Cut, welded, and fabricated just for you. Give our experts your designs and specifications, and we'll make the part you need from the best materials available!

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Cut fast and cut right - CNC Laser Cutting is the clear choice!

From stainless steel to heavy iron, if you need a metal or alloy cut to meet specifications, try our laser cutting services. You'll be amazed at the precise and clean results our experts can achieve in no time. Our flexible system can cut a wide range of materials. Moreover, with no specialized or heavy equipment involved, we can cut on-site!

CNC Laser cutting services:

• Metal brackets
• Custom signs
• Any steel components

You have your pieces cut - now what?

After we have cut your parts down to meet your needs, our master welders can help you install them. Using your choice of arc welding, TIG welding, or MIG welding, you can be sure your newly cut part is seamlessly installed into your project. Once everything is put back together, we can even apply a protective powder coating!

Laser cutting is your precise low-cost option. With no special machinery or lasers, we can keep cutting costs to a bare minimum - especially on thicker materials!

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Tom Lozenski
Business Owner

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Custom Powder Coating was Est in 2008. Started out as a very small one man operation. Tom has been a business owner for over 20 years and has been welding for over 35 years. We have grown from a one man operation to currently five employees. We are still a small business but can handle just about anything. We work on anything from the small average person jobs and needs, up to large commercial jobs. 

We have a 20 ft Long x 8ft Wide x 8ft High oven. Big or small we can do it all.

Certified welding, Mig, Tig. Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel. Shear, Break, Press, and CNC Laser Cutting.

Our Amazing Employees

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Manager  Powder Coating and Radiator Repair
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Powder Coating

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